Life Stories

Ed Meyer I'm so sorry he will be miss my grandma Elizabeth Schneider Meyer took care of my great Uncle Frank her brother on his last strong and god bless.Ed Meyer I just found out on line;Ed Meyer parkersburg wv. our family came from Bonn Germany to newyork 1907....God Bless

An early recollection of my Uncle Ollie was at a parade for the dedication of a new bridge over "The Gorge" in West Akron, Ohio. The Big War had just ended. Ollie was in Navy Uniform and marched with his Unit. His column stopped momentarily in front of me, my brothers and sister and Mom and Dad. I yelled "There's Uncle Ollie", and started to run out into the column to join him.
My mother grabbed me quickly. After the parade, Ollie said he whispered to the sailor next to him "I have fans!"


Bill, That is a great story I never heard before. Thank you for your kind words. I met you many years ago when my Dad and I drove my son to TX to play hockey in North Richland Hills.